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You searched for events or artists with genre Folk.

Adam Williams Trio

Genre: Folk , Fusion , Jazz , Rock

Featuring Joe Doria and William Mapp.

Adam Williams Trio

Genre: Folk , Fusion , Jazz , Rock

  1. Tuesday, August 14 5:00 PM (21+)

Featuring Joe Doria and William Mapp.

Hannah Jane Kile (Trio)

Genre: Folk , Pop , Singer-songwriter , Soul

  1. Thursday, August 09 9:00 PM (21+)

Hannah Jane Kile is a singer, multi-instrumentalist, & composer who often draws comparisons to her heroes, Bonnie Raitt, Jackson Browne, Norah Jones, & Sara Bareilles. She has performed at countless venues including the Strawberry Music Festival & California Worldfest. 

She is a favorite opener among national acts some of which include Grammy winning Patty Griffin, Ingrid Michelson, & blues legend Carolyn Wonderland. 

Hannah is currently working on two new self composed albums both to released in Summer 2018.

Plunge Music Festival (MQ Stage) w/ 12 Foot Breed w/ Paul Filinson

Genre: Folk , Pop-Rock , Singer-songwriter

A benefit concert for & Clean Water Foundation

The MQ Stage features 12 Foot Breed w/ Paul Filinson No Cover. 6p-8p.

12 Foot Breed was mysteriously born out of the musical minds of Michael Parent and Brandt Parke. The two have played in local bands over the years, and have finally gotten the chance to work together creatively. Through their respective bands, Cradleman and Mister Master, they became close friends and learned that hey shared many of the same musical interests, values, and overall drive for success. In addition to writing and performing together, 12 Foot Breed is focused on the good times, great tunes, and adventures that lie ahead. Welcome to the mystery.

Paul Filinson is a Seattle based Singer-Songwriter writing new works of Folk-Pop.

Tickets & Info for the Mainstage Theatre featuring Walking Papers, The High Children, Trio Abaraka available here

Rory Van James

Genre: Folk , Indie

Rory Van James is a 6'9" singer/songwriter based in Seattle, WA. After years of traveling the country as a professional baseball player, Rory decided to move to Duluth, MN; and begin a music career.

After a couple years of performing for local crowds in Minnesota and finishing school, he moved to Homer, AK; where he began to write his first full length album entitled "The Passage." Following four months of solitude, he moved to Seattle, WA; where he would go on to recording his album and play in several bands.

In 2016, he would begin a new solo project and travel to Abbey Road Studios in London to begin the four part (double vinyl) recording project "Sewn Silhouettes," which will be released in December of 2017.

Satin Sirens

Genre: Bluegrass , Folk

Satin Sirens is a New Orleans style jazz band consisting of Guitar, Banjo, Upright Bass, Trombone, and Clarinet.

Seafoam Green (Duo)

Genre: Folk , Irish , Singer-songwriter

  1. Wednesday, September 12 5:00 PM (21+)

Dave O'Grady - the singer & songwriter of the group 'Seafoam Green' - believes in following his muse.   That muse led him as a young Dublin lad to root around his father’s LP collection when his dad was at work or away to discover gems like Neil Young, CCR, Paul Brady & others.

That muse led him to leave his Dublin home at age 18 and move to Liverpool 10 years ago to chase his music. 6 months later, Dave found himself singing “With A Little Help From My Friends” on stage with Ringo Starr in Liverpool in a happenstance occurrence.

It’s the same muse that led to a chance meeting at a studio in Nashville with The Black Crowes' guitarist Rich Robinson.  Rich was producing a session that included Dave’s singing & The Rolling Stones’ sax man Bobby Keys.  After hearing some of Dave's original material, Rich insisted on producing Seafoam Green's 2016 debut album  titled "Topanga Mansion." 

The album ranges from Dave's influences including the American roots music he loves so well in groups like The Band as well as his singer / songwriter heroes in guys like Foy Vance & John Martyn.

“I remember getting to see John Martyn in a small arts centre when I was 13 or 14, this burly one legged Scottish man (that I'd never really heard of) was helped to the stage and quickly blew my little head clean off. That's one of the moments when it became about making music and not necessarily about just “songs.” John was giving and drawing emotion to and from everyone in the room, it was an experience.”

And while there are vintage aspects to "Topanga Mansion," it's largely Dave's voice & lyrical approach that brings a fresh angle to Seafoam Green's work.

Dave's musical singing partner, Muireann McDermot Long, joins him in 2018 to bring Seafoam Green’s muse to you.

The Mighty Dreadful Stringband

Genre: Bluegrass , Folk

  1. Thursday, July 26 5:00 PM (21+)

There aren’t many musical conglomerates that can boast like The Mighty Dreadful. Through hard work and determination, they have established themselves as one of Washington’s most prolific and dynamic bluegrass groups.

Founders Kelly and Clayton first crossed paths through craigslist and a mutual enthusiasm for all things country music. They immediately began hunting for gigs and other folks to play with. Their living-room recordings earned them a slot at the 2015 Northwest Folklife Festival, after which they were praised for their vocal harmonies and instrumental prowess. Their dedication to art landed them a premier spot at the Ocean Shores-based ABC Fest in February of 2016.

March brought the inclusion of Andy Lowe and Nick Mclean on the upright bass and lead guitar, respectively. Both are longtime friends and troublemaking companions of Clay, and as such, a natural fit. The newly arranged stringband has since recorded eight original songs, and a variety of covers. When not in the studio, the Dreadful combine to form a musical juggernaut on stage, captivating audiences with strong vocal harmonies and self-deprecating humor.

The Side Project

Genre: Folk , Pop

In 2003, this wine-pop husband and wife team began performing their 1st original songs in quaint music venues in Spokane, WA. They went on to having their songs broadcast on international T.V. shows such as "Dancing with the Stars” & “So You Think You Can Dance”. Their music has also been played in Starbucks across the country. Together, they've performed thousands of concerts throughout the Pacific NW and beyond. Since January 2017, Suzie & Ben have been traveling in an RV and taking their music to new places, literally. The band has 5 albums available online and are releasing a new all original album in 2018 under the name “Good Night Suzie”.

The Tarantellas

Genre: Accordion , Folk

The Tarantellas are a remarkable acoustic duo that specialize in playing the "Legendary Favorite Songs of Italy".  With an Italian Bowlback Mandolin, Accordion or Acoustic Guitar, Chromatic Mouth Organ, Friscalettu (Sicilian Cane Flute),and Harmony Vocals, their sound evokes the sunny skies and love for life of the Italian culture.  Romantic Love Songs, Classical Waltzes, haunting Sicilian Mazurkas, and wild Tarantella Dances are all part of the authentic mix of Melodies Italiano. 

The Triple Door

216 Union Street
Seattle, WA 98101
Tickets 206.838.4333

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