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You searched for events or artists with genre Fusion.

Adam Williams Trio

Genre: Folk , Fusion , Jazz , Rock

Featuring Joe Doria and William Mapp.

Adam Williams Trio

Genre: Folk , Fusion , Jazz , Rock

  1. Tuesday, August 14 5:00 PM (21+)

Featuring Joe Doria and William Mapp.

Freudian Slurp

Genre: Funk , Fusion , Rock

Freudian Slurp just released their second album in early spring of 2017. The clarinet and saxophone driven compositions inspire images of characters and landscapes, with cinematic build ups that are evocative of car chases and fight scenes.

The album features a cast of Seattle locals, and Californian transplants. The Hughes Brothers, (pioneers with the Mo’Jam Monday house band: Dylan Hughes, electric bass and Ian Hughes, electric guitar) grew up in Seattle, and met their drummer, Kyle Kirkpatrick, in a jazz combo at Shoreline College. They have played with him in various groups for almost a decade.  Saxophone and clarinetist David Dolengewicz, and keyboardist, Travis Fisher, both hail from Southern California and have come to Seattle for the music.  David studied Jazz Arranging at the prestigious North Texas University before moving to Seattle and meeting Ian Hughes through local jam sessions. Travis moved with his band “Cosmopolites” to seek a larger musical market.

“Suave, melodious jazz funk that should appeal to fans of Chick Corea, Grant Green, Donald Byrd, and Ben Sidran.” -Dave Segal with “The Stranger”

“The musicianship and interplay of Freudian Slurp are impeccably tight, as are the arrangements and compositions the band comes through with, but they aren’t so complex and challenging that you can’t just sit back in your chair and bob your head along to their songs” – Northwest Music Scene

(Get it?) shows a new direction for the band from it’s predecessor Edible Complex. After some lineup changes, and years of playing shows and festivals around the Northwest, the group’s sound has battle-hardened. The groove is tighter, the sounds are fuller. Slurp has both embraced a fully instrumental sound, and unleashed their early Grunge influences to create something much less restrained.

Grant Schroff Trio

Genre: Funk , Fusion , Jazz , Soul

Drums, Guitar and Bass from Seattle’s psychedelic funk warriors, The Polyrhythmics

Shady Bottom

Genre: Funk , Fusion

In 1969, the first human touched down on the moon.  It was a singular moment in the history of mankind.  At the same time, the face of American music was changing.  Jimi Hendrix was setting the scene on fire and James Brown was in the process of converting the masses from smooth, laid-back soul to hard-driving funk. Countless bands and musicians were left forever changed in their wake.  One thing, however, remained constant–Saturday Night.  People have always needed to shake off the dust of everyday life, and these newly funk-i-fied masses were no different.

Shady Bottom continues this tradition of Saturday night dust shaking, hard grooving, & hip-thrusting from old school house parties and juke joint jam sessions.  Inspired by the sounds and personalities of that threshold era of the late 60s and early 70s, Shady Bottom serves up gritty and gyrating songs for the modern party. If your bottom ain’t shady, it should be.

The Hot McGandhis

Genre: Blues , Funk , Fusion , Jazz

Funky jazz and boogaloo tunes with a touch of swing are the go-to grooves for this group of veteran Seattle players. From Monk to Scofield, Rollins to Moore; The Hot McGandhis provide a unique, fresh review of the most iconic standards while uncovering many lesser-known gems from the 60's to today. Members of the quintet include musicians from such local favorites as Cascadia '10, Shady Bottom, The Charles Street Messengers and Soul Senate.

Tracy Ferrara - sax 

Jon Goneau - keys 

Jon Battisti - guitar 

Kelly Paletta - drums 

Kevin Burkett - bass

The Vitolo Trio

Genre: Blues , Fusion , Jazz

  1. Tuesday, July 31 5:00 PM (21+)

Musician, educator, and composer Frank Vitolo was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest. Since graduating from Western Washington University, Frank has been living in Seattle where he is creating music with some of Seattle's elite musicians. Frank has founded active projects such as the Frank Vitolo Quartet and funk sensation Bad News Botanists. Listeners have described his playing as reminiscent of Jazz titans Joshua Redman and John Coltrane. His playing is fluid and unapologetic, displaying a deep understanding of Jazz vocabulary. Frank was nominated as Emerging Artist of the Year 2017 by Earshot Jazz Magazine for his contribution to the Seattle music scene and his rising popularity. Though Jazz is as close to his heart as family, he plays in a variety of projects from Rock, Blues, Hip Hop, Soul, Pop and more. He is an artist who explores the unknown and is always ready to jump dimensions.

The Triple Door

216 Union Street
Seattle, WA 98101
Tickets 206.838.4333

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