Buying Tickets Online

Select and Reserve your seats directly from our website!

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Buying Tickets By Phone

Call us at 206.838.4333 between 7am and 8pm seven days a week.

Buying Tickets In Person

216 Union Street

Maitre 'd desk everyday after 4pm


We accept all major credit cards, and cash is also accepted at the box office. You may also purchase tickets using Triple Door issued Gift Cards.

Ticket prices vary depending on the show.


Tickets may be sent to you via email or picked up the day of show at our Maitre 'd desk. 

Ticketing Fees

Convenience Fees:  There is a $5 per ticket convenience fee to purchase tickets online or over the phone.
Order Fee:  There is a $3 order fee for tickets purchased over the phone or in person.

Cancellations and Refunds

All cancellations must be made 24 hours before the show.   All service fees are non-refundable.  No Cash refunds.  There is a $5 per ticket cancellation fee. We will gladly issue you a credit for an upcoming performance and waive the $5 per ticket cancellation fee.

We’re sorry, we cannot issue refunds on the day of the show.

**Refunds cannot be issued due to extreme weather conditions.**


All tickets purchased through The Triple Door are Reserved Seats.

Seating is FESTIVAL STYLE, meaning tables will be shared if you do not purchase all available seats.

Be advised, ONCE YOU HAVE CLAIMED YOUR TABLE, YOU MUST REMAIN AT YOUR TABLE. We reserve the right to give unoccupied tables to other guests.

For early Shows (6pm-8pm), seating begins 90 minutes prior to show time. Simply check in under your reservation name at the Front Desk.

Late Shows (9PM & later)

Seating begins 1/2 an hour prior to show time. Simply check in under your reservation name at the Front Desk.

Late Seating

IF YOU ARE RUNNING LATE, PLEASE GIVE US A CALL and we'll hold your table for you.


Large Parties

Due to the limited number of large tables, parties of five or more may be seated at separate tables. Parties of seven or more will be presented with one check, with an 18% gratuity added.

How do I get Tickets/Reservations?

Contact us by phone at 206.838.4333, or order online from our website! Click on "BUY TICKETS" and have your credit card ready. You can also come in person to our venue any day after 4pm
The Maitre 'd desk at the entrance to the theatre can sell you a ticket(s).

How is the Mainstage seating assigned?

Please check in at the Front Desk upon arrival.

  • All seating is Reserved upon purchase.
  • Seating begins 1 hour prior to all shows beginning before 9pm.
  • For all shows beginning at 9pm or later seating will begin approximately 30 minutes prior to show time.
  • Larger tables will be shared if you do not purchase the entire table.
  • If you will arrive later than show time, please be sure to call us so that we can hold onto your table for you. If we don't hear from you and we have a wait list, your table will be released 15 minutes after the show starts.

All shows beginning at 9pm and later are 21 and over.

Are you wheelchair/disabled accessible?

Yes, completely. We have a chair lift for the theatre and most seats are available by ramp. 

Is there a dress code?

There is no formal dress-code, however we suggest business casual attire.

When does the Day of Show Price go into effect?

The Day of Show Price goes into effect 12am the day of the show.

What is the food/menu like?

Inspired by the award-winning Wild Ginger kitchen, head chef David Yeo designed a menu quite similar to that of the Wild Ginger that incorporates the regional cuisines of Cambodia, Malaysia, Thailand, and China. Our dessert menu is constantly evolving, featuring original creations, as well as classic favorites, like our Warm Brownie Bliss.

We also boast an extensive wine list with over 500 bottles from which to choose!

Do I have to eat dinner in the Mainstage Theatre? Is there a food or beverage minimum in the Mainstage?

No, you are welcome to wine and dine as you please.

What are the hours for the Musicquarium Lounge?

Our Lounge is open 7 days a week from 4:00pm until Close.  Visit our online Calendar for exceptions.

Do you have a happy hour?

Yes. We have an early happy hour seven days a week from 4pm to 6pm in the Musicquarium. 

Do you take reservations in the Musicquarium Lounge?

Our Lounge is first come first served.  However, if you have a larger group joining us, feel free to call ahead (206.838.4341) and let us know your arrival time so we can staff appropriately.

Can I rent out the Musicquarium for a Special Occasion?

Yes.  Please call our Private Dining Department at 206.838.4312 for more information, or visit the Private Events section on our website.

Is smoking allowed anywhere in the venue?

Due to the statewide law prohibiting smoking in indoor public spaces, smoking is not allowed anywhere in the venue.

What is your photo policy? Can I bring in a camera?

The photo policy is determined by each individual artist. Our general rule is that you can take pictures, as long as you are not using a professional rig. We never allow flash photography in the theatre. We do not know of the band’s photo policy until the night of the show.

How do I submit a band or demo for possible performance at the Triple Door or Musicquarium Bar?

Please send materials to info@thetripledoor.net

I lost or left my credit card there, how do I get it back?

You can come in during business hours, show photo ID, and we'll return it to you.

Do you have a lost and found?

Yes, it is located in our Box Office.

I bought seats for a show and cannot go, can I transfer my seats to another person?

Yes. Please phone us ahead of time and let us know.

Can I bring children to the show? Are children admitted free?

Yes, the Mainstage is an all-ages venue except for shows with doors after 9pm, which are 21 and over only. The Musicquarium Lounge is 21+

Children who will occupy a seat require a ticket for Mainstage shows.

Are you hiring at the Triple Door?

You can email your resume to hr@thetripledoor.net, or drop it off at the Box Office during business hours.

If I see incorrect information on your website, who can I ask to correct it?

Please email us at info@thetripledoor.net and we’ll correct it as soon as possible.

Triple Door

216 Union Street
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Tickets 206.838.4333

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